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Goods Storage & Clearance at Competitive Prices

Facilitate importing & exporting goods to/from the UK with our bonded warehouse solutions

Over 40 Years of Professional Experience

Our firm has been assisting clients across the UK and in Europe for over four decades

Unrivalled Service for UK Customs Entries

Our services are designed to streamline & facilitate all UK customs entries and minimise delays in customs clearance

Who We Are

GFS Customs Clearance is a subsidiary of Graysons Freight Services Limited, an international freight & warehousing company based in Luton and with facilities in Suffolk.

For over 30 years, our growing team of professionals have served clients in the UK and in continental Europe with a wide range of logistics services such as UK & EU distribution, bonded warehousing, packaging and labelling, and customs clearance.

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The demand for robust, high-quality solutions to customs clearance processes has only grown since then, with many clients turning to GFS for professional solutions. We offer clients comprehensive services designed to minimise any potential problems that may arise during customs clearance.

GFS Customs Clearance has the expertise required to facilitate importing and exporting, freight forwarding, bonded warehousing, and every step involved in the customs clearance process.

Bonding & Customs Clearance in the UK

Post-Brexit, importing and exporting have become somewhat of a challenge for many businesses in the UK. Customs declarations and clearance can be time-consuming and potentially costly, both in terms of delays and financially, should there be any errors or omissions.


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