NCTS (New Computerised Transit-System)

The NCTS Customs Transit Procedure

Clients that transport goods to/from two points located within the EU can eliminate the additional burden of customs duties and time-consuming formalities thanks to the New Computerised Transit-System (NCTS). The NCTS system eliminates the need to pay customs duties at border points and instead enables clients to declare at their desired destination.

The criteria for participating in the NCTS are stringent, but GFS meets all of these criteria and has the certified participant software and the technical expertise needed to assist our valued clients.

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Service Details

GFS can handle all customs declarations on your behalf, thus eliminating the need to wait at customs offices. Our service includes:

  • T1 Guarantee for goods shipped from the UK to EU destinations
  • Simple on-site collection process for T forms
  • EAD export entries & full import brokerage at all UK ports (inventory and non
    inventory linked)
  • No additional 3rd party fees
  • Competitive tariff rates
  • Inbound & outbound UK-EU brokerage services

Facilitate Customs Clearance with GFS

For most businesses in the UK, maintaining customs guarantees can be prohibitively costly. GFS will prepare transit declarations and customs guarantees in accordance with the Customs Territory Regulation on behalf of our valued clients. This facilitates the entire process of importing or exporting goods between the UK and EU member states, all whilst reducing the financial burdens involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What supporting customs clearance documentation do I require?

Basic documentation would be:

  • Shipping document (Bill of Lading – original or telex)
  • Supplier’s commercial invoice
  • Packing list

Other documentation required for specific goods would be:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Preference Certificates
  • Health certificates (for foodstuffs etc)
  • COA
  • Organic certificate

Note: Importers should check before they ship if any special documentation is required.

How can I pay for import duties and taxes?

Your customs clearance agent will advise you how much duty and VAT is required to be paid. You can pay customs directly or you can pay us first and we will pay customs on your behalf.

How do I know which products I am allowed to Import?

Details of restricted goods can be found on the UK Customs website:

Why should I use a customs agent?

Customs agents are there to facilitate a professional service between HMRC and importers/exporters.

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